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Title: Fully disabling "Visual Confirmation" ?
Post by: adrien on February 14, 2009, 09:45:39 pm

    First of all, thank you for your very usefull tool! I really like your idea of logging the copies that take place and organizing them in a set of batchs which you give us the opportunity to monitor and somehow control. Thank you for having corrected the bug in error details in log files (from beta to final 1.31). I used to install SuperCopier (sometimes detected as a trojan by McAfee antivirus) but your CopyHandler has got more promising concepts and is open source : it can expect a beautiful futur as long as Windows does not give control on elementary file operations!

   One thing I really dislike with Windows file copy, is when it prompts for a user choice (overwrite warning, move read-only files or all-canceling error) five minutes after I decided to go back home while copy process works during the whole night! I searched for the right option in your soft and found out "Show visual confirmation dialogs = Disabled". With the last beta version, I managed to get it work (I think I had to activate Auto "copy-rest" of files, but I wondered why). Today CH keeps asking for each batch of files to copy if I want to [Replace] [Copy rest] [Skip] [Pause] [Cancel] when it encounters a difficulty, no matter my "Show visual confirmation dialogs = Disabled"! Hopefully, there is a checkbox to tell it to remember my decision for this batch at least.

   My questions :

Thank you
Adrien (from France)
Title: Re: Fully disabling "Visual Confirmation" ?
Post by: Ixen on February 15, 2009, 12:49:33 pm
It seems that some regression must have slipped in, when I changed the code responsible for handling the feedback dialogs. Could you please report it to the sourceforge bug tracker, so I don't forget about this?
And as for the whole mechanism, in the future there should be a dialog box, where you can choose actions that should be performed on each event, so the whole copying process could be unattended. However it could take some time, since I can spend only a few hours a week on the project - and it includes writing program ,maintaining website, responding to e-mails, forum posts and so on.
So be patient :)

Title: Re: Fully disabling "Visual Confirmation" ?
Post by: adrien on February 18, 2009, 11:45:52 pm
Hi Ixen

Thank you for your answer which is already a lot : it is really nice to take on your personal time to give informations about what you are planning to do and to improve Copy Handler. I will be patient

I added the bug in the sourceForge Tracker.