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Please help me uninstall this

Started by gabimarie, October 14, 2008, 04:07:22 AM

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My husband put this on my laptop. It does NOT like my camera card & causes all kinds of problems.

I tried to set it to NOT start when Windows starts, but instead it changed the language to ???? I can't read ANYthing on the menu or program settings now. :-( So, the only thing I can do is exit, when I notice & remember to do it. Unfortunately I keep forgetting & it doesn't copy well from my camera card - takes super long for some reason & sometimes duplicates the files instead of cut/paste.

SO, I want to install the thing, but I can't even read the darn menu to figure out how to do it.




You can change the language to English this way:

  • Rightclick on the CopyHandler Icon in the Taskbar
  • Select the 4th Entry from the buttom
  • Then the Option-Window should appear. The twelved Entry in this list is the language. Select "English" and click on the first button on the buttom of the Window.

To uninstall the automatic copy functions in Windows Explorer, choose the 5th Entry from the CopyHandler Rightclick menu.

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