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automated MD5 Checksum comparison option

Started by Slain1, October 24, 2012, 08:27:07 AM

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I was wondering if anyone had had the same desire as myself for an automated MD5 checksum comparison option built into the copy and move process with the results reflected in the log and in the case of a 'move' if the hashs don't match then the original file not be removed.

I believe that this would be particularly valuable when transferring large files to different drives where, if some thing goes wrong, many hours can be lost trying to recover, rebuild or repair the files.

I once lost about 1/2 of a 500GB transfer of large files when transferring them to a new but faulty drive. I think the fault must have occurred near the end of the transfer process as it was going fine when I started it and  the log in CH showed that it successfully finished the transfer but when I tried to access the files may of them were corrupted.

I have requested this feature on CH's sourceforge feature request page, but I thought I would see what others thought of the idea.

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