Help needed: detecting copy/move/rename from Explorer

Started by Andrea.tabbles, January 13, 2011, 01:04:51 AM

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Hi there,

First of all, congrats for CH - it's an amazing piece of software, specially as it's fully .cpp (and one needs guts to do that today!) :-D

We're the guys behind Tabbles and we've been struggling forever for a solution to detect file/folders copy/move/rename/delete from explorer... I'll save you the whole story (part of it is in our forum anyway... but we also tried the FileSystemWatcher and ICopyHook, but non of those are good enough).

Straight to the point: CH can handle all of this and we'd like to get some inspiration from your code, so I'm here kindly asking (read: begging) to point to us where we should look at (I guess it's in \chext\) and maybe briefly tell what approach you followed? I know that this sounds like a 110% lame request, but the point is we know nothing about COM/shell extenions, and our cpp is a bit rusty (Tabbles is entirely .net, mostly in F#...which probably makes us look less masculine than .cpp coders  ;D ).

Well, any kind of head-ups would be highly appreciated! If you have any comments/hints on our baby, those are also very welcome (of course we'd be more than happy to hand you a couple of licenses as well!)  :)

Thanks a lot,

Andrea D'Intino


Hi everybody,

I'm kinda replying to myself here... but maybe someone else can use our little research too :-)

We've found this article explaining most of what we need and we've also found some C# code that is maybe even easier to work on.
So we're good now - cheers everybody!


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