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copy over a network

Started by pisspott, March 07, 2007, 11:56:22 AM

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hi or "moin" how we say in lowersaxony germany :-)
what do you recommend for copying large files over a network: to use copyhandler on the sender-side or on the receiving-side?
perhaps there has already been made a stresstest or somewhat to find out performancelacks on one side of tranfer.
thx for the great program!

and: is the option ┬┤standard priority┬┤ set for the system or by the program itself? maybe it is more efficient letting ch taming itself not disturbing other processes. additionally an option was fine where one could adjust the maximum cpu-usage in percent.



It is generally better (from my personal experience) to let CH work on receiving side, although you can test it yourself - many things depend on the hardware and software you are using, so in your case it may be better to use CH on sender side.

Priority relates to the copying threads - you can increase the priority to allow system to give CH more CPU power to process data. Usually it is not needed, though it may help for system to be more responsive on older hardware if you decrease the priority. You can also increase the priority to allow CH to copy faster when you have very slow processor or it is busy with other tasks.


My experience is: use it on the fastest computer (or the less busiest one). It doesn't really matter if its sender or receiver. If both PC are (almost) equal, it doesn't really matter where you use it.


It looks the same to me if transferring from both sending and receiving end.
The sending end is a server, so it is more powerful and there the CH setup.

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