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Improve USB flash drive performace

Started by JohnCoool, May 04, 2021, 04:27:27 PM

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I am trying to find a way to enhance the performance of my USB stick.

It currently starts at around 60-300MB/s with the default Windows copier, then it dips down to 7-10MB/s for large files.

I read online that it is caused by the buffer getting filled then it just works without the buffer.

I don't have the feature as suggested on the driver to enable write cashing. So it is  a limitation from the Hardware.

I did try this program and a few settings but it just stays at around 5-8MB/s. The speed did not go any higher than that.

Is there a way to use the program to overcome this issue so that it keeps clearing the buffer and it works at maximum speed?


Is it slow when reading or writing to usb drive?
Currently CH write speed might be limited by the way it writes data to a file.

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