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Started by White-Tiger, July 18, 2015, 06:23:13 PM

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Since it annoyed me back in 2010 and is still missing from Copy Handler, I've created a patch that hopefully implements the Windows 7 like "example - Copy.ext" format instead of the XP "Copy of example.ext"

This patch applies from within the "src/" directory and I would be kind of happy if it'll made it into the next 1.40 beta.
Though I must admit that this patch is totally untested... I've tried to do it like other code so it might work after all... yet I'm not into Copy Handler and something might be still missing..
This patch also doesn't force users to stick with "xyz - Copy" if they prefer "Copy of", language files are also still compatible (except the new and thus missing strings)

There's one suggestion though, please add code to check if the OS is Win7+ and if not, use the old "Copy of" by default.. currently the default is "xyz - Copy"
I didn't do this because I don't know if Copy Handler got some OS detection already...

P.S. how about moving from SVN to Git and Github? There are a few things SVN does actually better than Git (especially the usability is way easier with SVN) but there are some thing that makes a move to Git worth it.. True.. everyone can use a SVN repository like it were a Git one... and also commit that way... (though it's slow on Windows) but one of the main benefits might be to have it on Github. It's know that it'll make it easier for contributors and patches.
P.P.S. you'll have to remove the ".txt" extension from the file as the forums don't allow to upload ".patch" directly... and I didn't want to use .zip
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Marked as feature request under: https://dev.copyhandler.com/browse/CH-182
It probably won't make it into 1.40 final as there are more urgent things to be done.

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