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I thought so. You have the version of CH before I made some order in it. I have projects: ch, chext and libicpf loaded at once. It means you will have to wait until my version will build successfully (I am in the middle of making changes in the code). Unless you want the code that does not work at the moment  ;D

lol, no thanks, i'll have a hard enough time as it is ... ;)

just reply in this topic when you're ready, i'm automatically notified when someone post something


Still no source available?  ???

Sorry for not replying in time. I am waiting for a new Visual Studio to build the newer version under it and release it. There are not too many changes in it, but source should be available soon. If you want to get it a bit faster - e-mail me and I'll send you a copy.

I have just released a new version of CH with the newest sources - it should build without any problems with visual c++ 2008. Older solution/project files are outdated.


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