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In what IDE should I open the source without having to convert/change any code? I would like to add some features.



It really depends which version do you want to open. Up to official ones - in Visual C++ 6.0, later versions (development ones - in Visual C++ .NET 2003).
Hope it helps.

Bear with me, I've never used the 2003 version of VS (skipped that one) and my knowledge of C++ is limited (I do know a whole lot of other languages, so I'm confident I will get the hang of it soon).

I just need to get it to build, then I can start to experiment.

I've installed 2003 and opened your solution.
I've tried to build. I received the error: d:\...\ch-src\Copy Handler\Structs.h(27): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'log.h': No such file or directory
The file is in the libicpf-src which the sites states is necessary to build. But how do I 'include' that project? Do I have to place it in my solution or something?


To be honest - I don't remember which version of ch (development) I have placed on site, but it could be quite an old one. In my version everything build out of the box. You must have an old one...please tell me,when you load the copy handler's solution - does the class view display libicpf library ?

no, it doesn't

It shows Copy Handler and CopyHandlerShellExt


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