very Slow copy speed (Disk write-back cache not used)

Started by JohnW, September 10, 2007, 06:42:48 PM

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I was hopeful to replace Supercopier with CopyHandler but unfortunately, it seems that there is a problem in the way CH handles things.

With Supercopier I reach an average speed of about 35Mb/s when copying files from network to local drives with CH it will depend on the target drive... After several tests I obtain the exact same result with Supercopier if disk write-back cache is disabled on the target drive.

However there is no problem if I copy files from a local drive to the network (I reach the 35Mb speed)...

This is a very annoying problem because we uses SCSI stripped disk (software RAID 0 under WinXP) and the only speed we achieve is 10Mb/s  with CH when writing to these disks (which is the speed we obtain if write-back cache is disable on the SCSI disks...).

I'm using the development version: CopyHandler-1.28-20060214
I've tried with an official download but the result is just worse....

I hope you can solve this.


I do not have means to reproduce the problem, please provide me with the configuration file you use though - maybe it will give me some clue.


also very slow copying here (about 10 times slower than windows xp copy thread). I copy folder structure with about 4 Gig and about 3000 Files form WinXP Sp2 to SBS2003 via gigabit Lan...

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