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launch problem

Started by atlas, May 28, 2007, 04:29:33 AM

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Hello there, I'm atlas from China. Very tks for developing this free software, it helps me a lot on daily work. Also Many people here like this software very much,  it's really popular. We all think it's much better than the copy tool which comes from the windows itself.

But as far as I know, it still has some bugs. The big one I think is it usually can't launch up along with the windows(the software launched but it doesn't work). Then I close it and launch the CH.EXE from the .RAR file and register the right click, then it can work again. I don't know why this happen, but I expect that it can have a updated version which could solve this problem.

It's a awesome soft, it'll be perfect if these several bugs' been fixed. Thank you very much for your sharing!!

Sorry it seems to be a email but not a post~ ;D I wrote it but noticed that there's a forum here, so I copy it here~ :D


Hi atlas,
I think the fastest way to make it work is to properly reinstall it. If the program launches itself when Windows starts and the shell extension was properly registered prior to reboot then everything should work just fine.
One note - register the shell extension using the Copy Handler that is installed, which would register the library that will exist at the same place after reboot. If system can't find the extension, then it won't work, unless you make it available or register it in another place.



Thank you so much, Ixen!

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