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Copy in the same folder

Started by Flo95378, February 19, 2012, 09:50:39 PM

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If you copy a file (e.g. "myFile.txt") into its original folder Copy Handler renames this copy to "Copy of ..." (e.g. "Copy of myFile.txt").
When you have a couple of different files in this folder this can be quite confusing, because when you sort the files alphabetically the original file and its copy can be quite a bit apart. Then I sometimes don't even see that there is already a copy of a file.
Better would be if the copy would be called "... - Copy.<ext>" like Windows 7 does it (e.g. "myFile - Copy.txt").
That way the original file and its would be together.
Can you please change this in the next version of Copy Handler?

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