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Started by otakucode, July 18, 2008, 10:51:50 PM

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Hi.  I currently use a file manager application called xplorer2.  It is customizable and I would like to add a button to it to let me start a copy or move operation with Copy Handler.  I don't seem to be able to do this, however.  Since the executable is already running in the tray, I can't call the exe from the commandline (as I did when I integrated TeraCopy with xplorer2).  Is there another way I can tell Copy Handler to start a copy/move job?  I am willing to write a proxy application if necessary... I had to do so for TeraCopy because it didn't accept multiple files at once on the commandline, so I had to write an app to call multiple copies of TeraCopy.  I'm just not sure how to call Copy Handler though.  Is there a DLL function I could call?  What DLL would it be in?  I'm guessing there is a COM interface exposed, but I'm not experienced with using COM interop.  What is the name of the function I wiould be needing to call with COM interop?  I believe I can manage to get it working if I know that much...

Thanks in advance for any info!


I have it on my todo list (really on one of the 's trackers), so it only a matter of time when something will be done in this topic.




I am a newbie to this forum though I am one of the oldest user of xplorer2 and it's previous version 2xplorer since 2001. I found out about the Teracopy program quite recently and have integrated it with xplorer2 which is my default file manager. From the Teracopy options menu I have made Teracopy to be the Default Copy handler. The version of Teracopy currently I am using is 2.12

Now I could use Teracopy with CTRL+C, CTRL+X and CTRL+V inside xplorer2 for file copy and move functions. This has involved in extra mouse clicks for source and target folders. But the function keys F5 and F6 for copy and moves always bring in the Robust copy/move dialog window inherent to Xplorer2 and not the Teracopy progress window. I am used to F5 and F6 keys for my copy and move functions and I wanted to remap them to activate the Teracopy copy handler.

After some research I found out from advanced settings of Xplorer2 (which can be found in the Start-Programs-Xplorer2Pro menu), I can disable the Robust copy function in the Global tab of Xplorer2 settings editor. Once this is done I could seamlessly use Teracopy with Xplorer2 for single and multiple files and folders using the F5 and F6 keys with all the features of Teracopy including Test function for correctness of copy operation.

I hope this is what you wanted to achieve and my notes above help you.

Rao Devulapally

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