FeatureRequest: Chronical order

Started by DerMicha, December 06, 2016, 12:24:54 AM

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Win7 64bit SP1 all Updates german language
Copy Handler 1.44 installed version

Copy Handler processes the tasks in the order the files are added in the list of tasks (chronical order).

100 files are in the list of tasks.
Another one is added. It's number 101
CopyHandler will process this number 101 after the first 100 tasks are done.

Process task 101 at once, don't wait before the other tasks are done.
Use a shortcut

Filemanager (for example: q-dir)
Drag'n'drop a file from source folder to destination folder by this way:

Click with left mouse on the file and hold it and push at the same time the keys

(for example) SHIFT+Ctrl
another combination

and drag'n'drop the file to the destination folder.
This file will be copied/moved at once.


The Ctrl, Shift and Alt have special meaning when using drag&drop.
Currently you can manually force the 101st task to run by pressing "resume" button when this task is selected.


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