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Options Dialog: User shall define the size


The size in the dialog boxes is very very small. I'm an old guy and my eyes are no longer as good as in the past when I was much younger.

I want to define the size of the types (Letters/characters)


You can try editing the language file (german.lng or german2.lng) - there is an option (probably at the end of file) that specifies font size (section [Info], node Size).

Thank you. I've done it.
Maybe you can seperate it in FONT for the options and in FONTS for the Status window.

Why two german language files?

Two languages - there are supposedly some differences between various german dialects.
As for splitting the font sizes I think current possibilities of adjusting font sizes (language files and system DPI) should suffice. Options' dialog is rarely used when CH is configured, also it is scheduled to be completely replaced eventually.


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