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Happy New Year


Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku !

I wish you a very Happy New Year, a lot of free time (for you  ;)) and many new features in CopyHandler (for us  :P)

Happy to see that your site is up... It was down the two last times I tried to access it  :-[)


Thanks :D i wzajemnie (same to you).
Site is sometimes up, sometimes down. Not really dependent on me so I didn't have any access to it too for those <>2 days.
And as for CH - I don't even give any infos about when I will write something new in it - we'll see. I even got some patches I don't have time to review and apply to the sources (hopefully I'd be forgiven  :P).
But this year started very interesting, so I assume the whole year to be even better  ;D


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