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Link the forum and the site


When I am logged in the forum, I do not see any link to come back to the site

Wouldn't it be a good idea to have such a link somewhere ?


Surely it'd be good - the primary problem is that it should look like the buttons above (HOME, HELP, SEARCH, ...) and I don't have time to play with the buttons now.
For the first time (since a looong time ago) I have found a bit of free time to play with CH - happens once in a blue moon - should not waste it :)

Although you (or anyone else who's reading this forum) could prepare the the button (lets say with a 'Forum' text on it) similar to the ones above so I could only change the forum template a bit and will be ready :)

With 'Forum' as a text ?

Something like these you mean ?

Just a copy/paste of each required letter from the top buttons + your CH's icon resized ;)
Done with the free tool PhotoFiltre  8)


Thanks. I see that I should better get hands on my part of deal before going to bed :) Thanks for the contribution ;D I'll try to do it in a few moments.

[added later]
And ready. And now's time to sleep. Good night.


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