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Hi everyone  :)
I see that all of you, who have been on this forum has been embarassed by the overwhelming emptiness  ;D be the first to break it virginity - I am making this first post.
How do you like the new page ? What do you thing about this forum ?

I know that there is a poll on the main site, it does not give any more feedback than a simple few numbers.

I missed the option: Love it! Now give me then new CH. ;)

I absolutely love your program and want to help developing.

I like that attitude :)
I've done the site, because it's easier and less demanding than writing ch.
Copy Handler should follow in some time. I'd like to fix some issues that people reported, and go much further. It'll depend on my free time.
I have to prepare some docs about how I see the future of the program. If nothing strange happens - I should prepare it in a few days and place on site.

Great, thanx.

The biggest feature I'm missing is being able to change the order of the items in the queue.

And this is a topic for Ideas board :)


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