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25% CPU when Copy Handler is inactive

Started by Pyroman_Goliath, April 20, 2020, 07:42:28 AM

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Hello, having the same problem as the following posts:!/

I'm on a windows 7 x64 OS
CPU: I3 530 2.93 Ghz
RAM: 6144 MB
Copy Handler version 1.44 in installer version and not portable

I have exactly the same concern as the posts above, and at home it takes 25% of the CPU without doing anything. And after looking with "process explorer" it is the file "liblogger64u.dll"
identical to this photo there ""
Here is an image of my task manager on "04/09/2020" FR

But I did not go into the subject in depth.
If you have any questions to which I can add a little more info, don't hesitate.

Otherwise will anyone have an idea?

Thank you


Please check with the newest Copy Handler 1.45rc1. The problem should have been fixed already in beta1, but that was not really ready for general use.

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