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35 % of the CPU when incative

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So that should be even easier to test - please re-download the newest clean portable version and launch it. Please just unpack the version to a new directory and run ch64.exe (do not change the configuration and do not modify the unpacked files in any way) and let me know it problem persists.
I checked the cpu usage for freshly downloaded ch portable and on my system it is around 0.01%. I'll try to reproduce it on Windows 10.

Also - please check what version of Windows 10 you do have (the exact number).


CH does not always use such big CPU resources. Sometimes it does sometimes it does not. I will try it later.

Thanks. The only unusual thing here is that you're using the Core version of Windows 10 - I haven't seen such version in the wild yet. Did I read it correctly, or the tool reports the wrong version?
Also, isn't build 14393 an Insider build?

Very sorry, I really have any idea (of anything), I would think the information should be correct:

--- Quote ---Also, isn't build 14393 an Insider build?
--- End quote ---
I absoulutely do not know, it was supplied with the notebook, so it should be a quite usual (ugly) Win version, I guess.

What is an insider build? Is it better than a usual one? And what is the core version of Windows 10?

Yup, the new information seems to be more reliable.
Insider builds are more like beta version of Windows. Windows Core - seems like it is for some embedded systems, hence my confusion.

With this information I'd say everything is quite normal - standard Windows version, system is not resource-staved. Should work properly.
I'll wait for you to let me know how the fresh portable version is behaving freshly after unpacking. And possible some more information on when CH takes too much CPU and when it does stop doing that.

As additional help here - could you please check which CH thread is taking the cpu?
If yes, then:
1. Please install (or use portable version) Process Hacker ( )
2. Download the debugging symbols for CH 1.44 ( and unpack all the pdb files to the location where ch64.exe exists (the portable CH location). In the end you should have the ch64.exe and ch64.pdb next to each other.
3. Run CH and ensure it is taking much of the CPU without doing anything,
4. Run the Process Hacker and locate ch64.exe on the process list. Double click on that.
5. Switch to Threads tab and attach a screenshot here.


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