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CH is not able to handle large Volumes?

Started by dunstus2, April 09, 2008, 03:37:06 PM

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I´ve testet now the CH V1.31Beta and it works know on my 4TB RAID0 Array!
Great Job!

Unfortunately CH is not so fast as I hoped, mainly copying over the network.
Maybe some settings are wrong on my PC?!



There is report (another thread on this forum) that CH 1.3x is slower than 1.28. I am looking through the code to find any bottleneck, but don't know if or when any correction will appear. Or maybe you mean something else ?



Unfortunately I can´t try CH 1.28 because of my 4TB Volume. (I think same problem as with 1.30)
I use know FastCopy with is realy the fastest, but CH is much more comfortable.
For Example:
Copy files from 10 sources to the RAID 0 Volume, I reach with Fastcopy 315 MB/sec and with CH 310 MB/sec. So this is fine!
But when I copy files over the network I reach with Fastcopy 100MB/sec and with CH only 10 or so.....but when I increase the buffer in CH to 16 MB I reach about 50 MB/sec. And I can´t make big buffer e.g. 32MB, then I got an read error.

Anyway, CH is a great freeware tool! (with some bugs, but great)
Maybe you can find the problems, I will search for an update on this website.  :)


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