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CH 1.30 ia a memry Eater

Started by NaAZoOR, May 07, 2008, 01:22:34 AM

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i used to use ch 1.25, 1.28 for a long time while i was using XP x86, after switching to XP x64 & CH 1.30 came out i installed the 64bit version & it works greatly except it absorbs 432 MB of memory on ideal (after startup without any activity for CH), after hours still the same 432 MB used memory, the funny thing is that when i use the CH it only take 1 MB more to be 433 MB !!!

the funnier is after finishing its work the CH 1.30 x64 has eaten 1 more MB to be 433 MB.

that happens all the time so it's not a Temp case.

is there anyway to make it less gluttony to memory??


Do you have any old tasks on the list of tasks in CH 1.30 ? The more tasks the more memory taken. It's strange it eats so much.
Could you test the 32bit version of CH 1.30 on your 64bit system and tell me the difference in memory taken. Maybe it's something related to 64bit version of CH, which I am unable to test since I have no access to 64bit system).



thx for replying,

i switched to 1.31b x64 & it's better than the 1.30, on ideal status it took 64 MB memory with 99% done tasks, after removing the undone tasks it freed 1 MB from memory.

i cleared the CH from all tasks (done & undone) and i checked the task manager, it takes only 13 MB now.

i think we have to clear CH from time to time to decrease the amount of memory taken. can't than be automatic? & the button remove is good in case of low count tasks, but after months of use i think we need a Remove all Button.


There is remove/all button :) Also there is an option to automatically remove finished tasks from the list.




U R Right, i didn't see the remove/all button although i searched well for it  ;D , seems i need to change my glasses  :-\

also i activated the auto remove option.

many thx for fast response & Keep up the amazing work, u r a great one dude.

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