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First at all, if have to say THANK YOU!  :-*
I and my friends are happy copyhandler users! (We like to share huge files over lan). ;)

But i have a litle question.

Maybe you know nLite or other tools like this, which can add Tool (like CopyHandler) to the Windows installation.
My Problem is the registration for the "shell menu".
I try something with the registry, but it's not working because the path in the registry is variable, so I can not work with a reg tweak.
All I (think to) know is that its something about the file "chext.dll".

Which command can I use to register the shell (without using the mous)?  ???

PS: I hope my english is understandable!  ::)

If you want to register a shell extension - use something like this:
regsvr32 chext.dll.
I can't exactly remeber the additional parameters to regsvr32, but it should be quite easy to find them.
When you use the command - the shell extension will register itself.

Thank You!  :-*

That was easy!  ;)

Here my AutoIT Code:

--- Quote ---$way = @ProgramFilesDir & "\CopyHandler 1.28b\"
Run(@SystemDir&"\regsvr32 /s"& " """& $way & "chext.dll """)
--- End quote ---


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