Copy to USB FAT32 and save files in alphanum order rather than file date time

Started by Htx, November 01, 2016, 11:23:25 PM

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Are there settings that allow control of the order of copying files per an alphnum sort. Rather than other order including date time stamp on the underlying files. 

My endpoint is to allow car audio to play via USB media and have tracks play in order of alphanumeric name.

My first attempt was same as native windows explorer just copy/paste from top-level folder to the USB. This results in random playback of tracks based on underlying date time stamp of the MP3 files within the folder.

There is a way to do this copy using windows explorer getting the UI sorted as you want then highlight all files and drop and drag from the first file position to the USB drive. This forces order in the order of the sort on the windows explorer UI. However this only works one folder at a time. I want to copy many folders in one pass.

If Copy Handler can be configured to impose this same order of copying and allow selection of multiple folders at once then this would be a fit.  I have successfully copied multiple folders using the Copy Handler but all the files under a folder randomize relative to the intended alphanumeric track names.


CH currently does not support additional sorting of scanned files, but I understand what you're trying to achieve here.
For now I have filed this as a new feature request on your behalf:

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