CopyHandler 1.3.2 does not handle file names/paths greater than 255 characters

Started by AlterEgo, September 16, 2010, 06:22:29 AM

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Using Windows XP SP3 32-Bit and CopyHandler 1.3.2

Trying to move/copy files and folders across two connected USB harddisks. Apparently there are some file names and paths names which are greater than the maximum limit (255) of Windows Explorer (not NTFS file system). So as expected it also does not handles them and shows an error message where inevitably I have to skip in order to resume the copying with the rest of the shorter file names/paths.

I have heard other software like Robocopy bypass this limit and can copy the longer filepaths as well. Is it so ? then I believe a program like CopyHandler should also be able to handle it.

Is there any clue or guidance about how to do it is appreciated.


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