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File Acceleration over LAN?

Started by Savage1701, August 09, 2008, 01:50:31 PM

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Will this utility accelerate copying of files over a gigabit LAN network?  I specifically transfer large DV and backup files in the 10-40GB range.  Thanks for any help.


Based on my usage, it is faster than basic Windows copy/paste. Not to mention the array of additional features.

What I want to know is what would be the optimal setting in terms of buffer size when transferring over a Gigabit LAN connection to a NAS?



I am afraid that you must perform some testing yourself to set the appropriate buffer size (it would very much depend on the kind of data you will copy (small vs large files)).


Based on your testing and experience what are the best settings for transferring large files vs many small files? Maybe adding a setting and let the user choose would be a good idea.



It's really hard to say. I was testing the performance last weekend and it varied. When I copied between standard hdd and ssd drive and it seemed that the best performance was available with enabled buffering and buffer size of 128kB. You may try this combination, but be aware that it may not be optimal for your usage.


wow, only 128k. I setup to 2M for network.

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