Does CH validate after copying with checksum or other mechanism?

Started by msorens, March 08, 2010, 09:57:12 PM

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I just came across CopyHandler after having been a TeraCopy user for quite some time. CopyHandler seems to have two significant advantages over TeraCopy: a free version that one can use even in a commercial setting, and support (your forum clearly shows support being provided in contrast to TeraCopy's forum). There is one important feature that TeraCopy provides though that I do not see in CopyHandler, but I am posting this in the hope that you will tell me you do also. The feature is auto-validate-after-copy. TeraCopy can (optionally) generate checksums for source and destination and flag the result if different. It takes longer to write-then-read-back instead of just a write but I do not mind at all: I use it ALL the time--it provides tremendous peace of mind.

So when you report a copy is successful--does that mean you have validated the copy in some way?

Thank you,
~~Michael Sorens


CH currently does not support such a feature, but you can request a feature If the time allows, it might be implemented in the future.



Are you kidding? What other reason is there to use a copy utility???  I see people in these types of forums always talking about SPEED and how fast one copy utility is as opposed to another, but that's a minor aspect as far as I'm concerned.  VALIDATION/ERROR-CHECKING is much more important.  What good is a fast, erroneous copy?

One of the biggest flaws in Windows and its copy/move functions is that there is (up to Vista, I don't know about Windows 7) no validation of the copy.  So, if I move a one-of-a-kind file from one partition to another, and there is a bad sector on the destination partition, and the bad sector just happens to be where my file is moved to, Windows will not inform me and will continue as if the move/copy process was successful.  There should be CRC checksum validation or something similar for processing mission-critical files.  Teracopy provides this, and that's why I use it, despite the lack of support and/or communications from the developer, as mentioned above.  But as soon as I find another utlity that provides this type of feature AND support, I will contribute to its development.  Just my two cents worth...

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