Author Topic: Feature Request: Want "Cut" context menu entry WITHOUT forced dir selection  (Read 695 times)

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I oftentimes want to select/mark one or more files/folders for a following move operation.

CopyHandler offers only a "Move to" context menu which forces the user to immediately select the target directory in a tiny, unhandy folder selection dialog.
I don't want this!

I want at first just a "Cut" context menu which puts the selected files/folders into copyhandlers pending clipboard.
Then - in a second step - I want to search & navigate in relaxed way in full Windows Explorer window to the target directory and click on another CopyHandler context menu "Paste (here)".

Unfortunately CopyHandler does NOT offer a "Cut" context  menu.

Similarly I miss a "Copy (into pending clipboard)" context menu.

Can this be added in the next version

Thank you
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You can use Windows traditional cut/copy to get paths to clipboard and then (CH) Paste it somewhere.
(CH) Copy to/Move to options are designed mainly to have a predefined set of destination paths where you can copy/move. Most probably you have only used the last option to choose directory manually.