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I have been getting a lot of errors with Teracopy lately and it has been painfully slow at times, just found this and it is very fast and just what I am looking for but I cannot find any settings for file verification? Can someone please throw me a bone? where can I enable it?

Many Thanks

Sorry, but at this point CH does not have verification possibility. It is being planned (filed under
It will still take awile to implement that, but for several versions now (starting with 1.40) there are under-the-hood changes that will eventually lead to the file verification to become implementable.

Thanks for the update, I will hold off until it is implemented which is a shame as I love the software and would happily pay for it!

I understand. Hopefully I'll be able to implement file verification in some reasonable time.
This is unfortunately a trade-off - in most cases you don't have to pay for open-source software, but at the same time there is not enough manpower to implement features in a timely manner (because such developer has to work elsewhere :)).

"because such developer has to work elsewhere "

Completely Understand! :-)


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