How can I make CH show an option in the dialog to automatically rename the files

Started by Donk, November 21, 2016, 08:27:16 AM

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How can I make CH show an option to automatically rename the files:

And how could I make CH show the dialogs on top of all of the windows instead of behind a window / the windows so that I have to get it to the top first?
Windows 10 Home, 64bit


Auto/manual rename - this is not yet implemented, but was already filed here:
Dialogs on-top - in theory they are showing on top, but with each new Windows system making window on-top becomes harder, as they are actively prevent it to happen. There is also a problem with such windows showing on top and stealing focus - when you write something and CH steals focus that way, you might inadverdently choose some option from the dialog box.


Alright, to both is not possible at the moment.

Many thanks, for the link either.
Windows 10 Home, 64bit

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