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Copy from a Zip

Started by OgeGOon, December 01, 2006, 10:35:56 PM

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Hello ;)

I have a problem when I want to copy files from a open zip onto my Desktop.

- I use 7-Zip (I like the freeware too) to open my Zip File.
- Next, I drag and drop the files from the 7-Zip window onto my Desktop.
- First, CH seems to copy the files (decompressed on the fly by 7-zip): I mean , I see the progess bars for each file...
- But at the end, CH gives an error message and then retry again and again...

Here is one of the error messages: Error #3 (The system cannot find the path specified.) while calling MoveFile C:\DOCUME~1\OgeGOon\LOCALS~1\Temp\7zE8C.tmp\Deserted Palace.jpg -> C:\Documents and Settings\OgeGOon\Desktop\Deserted Palace.jpg

It seems that 7-zip delete its "tmp" folder before that CH copies the file. Is it a well know problem ? Can I dot something to solve it ?

"Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality."  --  Dalai Lama


I have not been aware of this, but as I am imagining the situation it is as follows:
1. 7zip decompresses the files and starts a shell copying process,
2. The shell copy process is intercepted by CH,
3. CH stores the reported file(s) as a task and returns control to the calling app (7zip).
4. 7zip seeing that shell has already finished copying (shell normally is being blocked until the operation completes) - deletes the temporary folder.

As far as I see - currently the only way to solve these kind of problems would be to disable temporarily the shell integration (for the time of dragging from 7zip).

I have added this as a low-priority task to my todo list (there are other, much more grave problems with ch :) ).

Hope the workaround will work for you now.



Thanks for these explanations. It makes sense to me!

I used to know a little bit of C++, but it was centuries ago !
Therefore, I will with with patience ;)


"Share your knowledge. It's a way to achieve immortality."  --  Dalai Lama

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