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Move becomes copy ch 1.41.846.0

Started by bexley, September 18, 2016, 03:38:35 PM

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Hi, excellent program! When I right click for (CH) Move to, it sometimes creates an operation "Copying" and sometimes an operation "Move". I can force Move under move copy special, and I have read only file option set to "N". Any idea what is causing the undesired change? When I say move I want move to happen, not copy. Best Regards


Just noticed that I am getting the Copy dialogue now when I have selected Copy/Move special, which is definitely wrong. I am running Windows 10 by the by.
So with further experimentation, sometimes the move and copy move special right click work correctly, sometimes they bring up the copy dialogue.


Thank you for the report. I tried to reproduce the problem with Windows 7 and no problem occurred.
I will be out of home for a few weeks and I don't have access to Windows 10 to try to reproduce problem, but have filed the issue here, so that you can track its progress:


I've played with CH in Windows 10 and cannot reproduce the problem.
Do you happen to have some other copying software installed on your system (TeraCopy or other)?
I've got some reports about strange issues happening when there are more CH-like software installed on one system.


Hi Bexley. I have made several fixes in shell extension in CH 1.44, could you please check if the problem still occurrs on the newest version?
Also - please let me know about other copy software installed on your machine.

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