CH 1.30 final crashes on load when resuming network transfer - Vista x64

Started by ornwilson, April 04, 2008, 06:25:42 AM

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Hi, Thanks for the great software! I got a new machine with Vista and am very happy the new version is compatible. 

I have the problem that CopyHandler crashes every time my computer boots or CopyHandler is restarted.  It hangs when trying to delete the last file of a transfer from a UNC share.  I deleted the file, thinking that would help.  I even uninstalled, then reinstalled CopyHandler, but it still tries to resume this transfer. 

I am able to get to the 'options' dialog and set "Auto resume on error" to "No", but it still tries to resume.   How can I tell it not to resume, so I can cancel the operation and it will stop crashing on me? 

I have attached a screenshot and .dmp file.

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for the report. It seems that the problem is related to the language distributed with version 1.30.
The fix will be included with newer version of CH, but as a quickfix you can edit the language file manually and change the following:

7010[0x7bcc8776]=Error #%lu (%s) while deleting file/folder %s


7010[0x7bcc8776]=Error #%lu while deleting file/folder %s

I hope this helps  :)

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