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Where are the settings saved?


Every x months, I do a Windows reinstallation from a master backup to clean out all the junk, etc. I really wouldn't want to set up all the various options for Copy Handler again, e.g. favourite folders, etc. Are the settings saved somewhere to save it as a backup?

When CH is installed using the official installer, you can find the settings in:
C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Copy Handler

In portable version, settings are kept in the same directory you run the app from.

To backup settings only ch.xml is needed.

Except that the ch.xml file doesn't seem to contain the "shortcut list" for favourite copy\move to locations. It would be nice if CopyHandle had Export\Import Settings options.

It has to contain the shortcut list - there is no other place those settings are stored. Please make sure you're looking at the right ch.xml file.
I have filed the feature request for you at, although I can't really say if/when it will be implemented.

Is there an easy way to export and import settings nowadays btw, Ixen?


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