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Windows 7 Explorer is crashing with copy/paste

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Only the second part.

NO form of copying works. (even if cut)

Only MOVE works. (but not cut-paste-move -- only drag-n-drop move)

I don't know how to create a crash dump for Explorer.
It's such a low-level program I would be surprised if that was possible.

I am using "Ditto". But it still doesn't work if I turn Ditto off. (exit and close the resident program)

I also can't copy files to other devices.
So I can't copy anything to a flash drive, for example, no matter what method I try.

I tried to reproduce the problem on Win10 and Win7 with CH 1.50beta1 and it really seem to work without issue (could you please re-test with that version?).
If I'm going to fix the problem I'll need your help to do so.

If you're willing to help, please attach here (or send me an e-mail to ixen-at-copyhandler-com) with the following information:
1. The ch.xml configuration (you can find it at C:\Users\<your-user-name>\AppData\Local\Copy Handler
2. The crash dump if you can handle it - the short instruction could be found here:
Also, please check if you already have such dumps automatically generated by system in here: C:\Users\<your-user-name>\AppData\Local\CrashDumps (search for files with "explorer" in name).
3. The screenshot of the explorer context menu (the one with "(CH) Paste" as well as the one with "(CH) Copy here").


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