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Constant monitoring of a folder

Started by Malc, May 01, 2007, 09:46:50 PM

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I'm looking for a solution to run on a small network, and came across this application, which would do the task I require but for one small thing.

I need to either constantly monitor the source folder for new files, or (and probably easier) have some form of scheduling so that an operation can run at regular intervals so that it constantly updates the destination folder every 5 mins or so.

At the moment if a new files is added to the souce folder I have to manually copy all the files with the replace all option.  I would like to have your application running on each PC so that it checks the source folder every 5 mins and copies the contents to the same destination folder on each client PC.  Ideally I would like this to skip an existing file if found in the destination folder, and without any pop up or intervention or notification to the user.  This way as soon as I place a file in the source folder it will get copied to all the other PC's automatically without the other PC users asking for it. 

Can a task be scheduled to automatically run after a programmed delay - and how would I stop the box popping up asking for confirmation of over-writing or skipping the files.  If this can't be done using the current version, would it be something a future version could include please




Hello Malc,
Currently CH does not support scheduling nor monitoring of a folder. It is planned for the future however.



Does anyone know if the scheduling function has been built into to CH yet?


It has not been implemented yet. Please make sure that this request is included in feature request tracker on, so when the time comes it won' be lost. However it seems I would need to change current CH architecture to allow such functionality, so don't expect it soon.


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