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Checksum validation?

Started by N0_W4RN1NG, July 28, 2021, 08:30:08 AM

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I just found out about the copy handler project and replaced teracopy, and I am very happy that I did.

One feature that copy handler lacks compared to teracopy is checksum validation of files, and it would be very useful to have that as an option to show that in the windows explorer context menu.

I thought that perhaps this was not included because it's not strictly in the domain of copy handling, and the job of validating checksums should be left to a dedicated application, and because I'm new to the project, I decided not to create a Jira ticket for this until I can confirm.

I think checksum validation can be useful when copying files from ftp servers, network drives, and removable USB medias for a few reasons: 1.) to verify file is not corrupted, and 2.) to verify that the file is the original untampered version 3.) to help the user decide if they want to copy/use it. It can also be useful to the user in general.

I'll throw in a couple of possible ways to implement this, but others may have better ideas:

1. Add context menu within each of: (CH) Copy/Paste/Move/-> Verify Checksums then Move. Pop up window with table of file names and columns to input checksums. (Unsure about Special copy/paste/move since I haven't been able to get those working)
2. Add a column next to the file names within the Status window where the user can paste checksums so that they are verified before/after completion.
3. Add context menu just to validate checksums.

Thank you for your time and consideration! I love this project.


Thank you. Checksum validation is the most requested feature as far as I can tell. Unfortunately this is also a bit complex to implement properly and requires more time than I currently have available.

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