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Started by pluckerwank, December 19, 2006, 10:46:32 PM

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I downloaded Copy Handler because I needed to move 20 GB of small files on my HD from one partition to another, and read in a magazine about this software. So I installed the software, started the move process and left the computer for one hour.

I thought, if someone writes such an elobarate software just for copying files, I can leave the computer and when I come back, I'll be informed about any problems that occurred. My assumption was wrong. Copy Handler stopped working a couple of minutes after I left the computer. The reason: There was a problem accessing a file, and a dialog box appeared asking what Copy Handler should do (Retry/Ignore/Cancel).

It is absolutely obvious that there is a far better strategy if there is a problem with some file: Continue with the other files and collect the problematic files in a list, which the user can work on while the rest of the files is copied in the background. Copy Handler seems to have an enormous amount of copying options, but the fact that this self-evident and time-saving feature was not included (or is not the default behaviour) from the very first version on, is not only disappointing but it disqualifies the developer of this software. Sorry to say that, but it's simply the truth (try to prove the opposite).


Another thing: My 20 GB move process is still running and I just wanted to move a single small file. It was not moved, but queued. I understand that the idea is to avoid copying several files simultanously, but I need that small file now where I want it. So: Pause the longer process, copy the single small file, and continue with the long process - or at least, ask! This has only advantages, even if the user does not need the file immediately.

This should be implemented, and should be default behaviour. Maybe I can click here and there and do it manually, but I want to spare time and not loose time! Even more obvious than my other remark.

It just finished the 20 GB process. Why the beep ??? I'm hearing music! Ok, this gets deinstalled.


I am glad you found some time to share your concerns with other people and me - I only regret it took the form you used.

About the complaints (the most part of your posts) - I won't be arguing with you about those complaints, resentments and offences or prove you anything. I can't remember you being my employer or even the customer that could give you very small right to make those (complaints, resentments, ...).

If you have tried my FREE software and you don't like it - please write about it in the appropriate section of this forum. OR if you are a programmer - you can get the current source code of the program and adjust it to your liking - it's OPEN SOURCE.

And please, use a more cultural style when writing (I would also recommend some reading on savoir-vivre).

Regarding the ideas:
1. The idea of reporting problems that has been encountered during the long operations at the end is good, and to be honest - it is already in similar form on my todo list. The only problem is my free time - I don't have it much, so making changes has to wait (and even more, because I have quite large todo list and of things far more important than this).

And the bahaviour you expected you can set in configuration - if you don't know how - please read the documentation on the official www page.

2. Queue'ing of operations. Current defaults are to allow only one operation at a time (can be adjusted in options), although you can 'resume' any waiting operation to be done simultaneously. Default behaviour works well for many people - if you want to copy everything at once - just make chages in the configuration.

3. If you don't like the music - just disable it (it's in the configuration).

For your reference - try reading docs sometimes so you know what's going on before writing. And this program is not meant currently for beginning users - if you are one - please use some simpler tools or just stay with standard windows copying (for your own sake - please use windows copying before you loose some data while using CH).


pluckerwank, I totally disagree with your statements. What you are looking for is a backup utility, not a copy utility. If you want a 'report' of what went wrong without being bugged, use a backup utility. If you want to relieve the pain of copying in windows, use copy handler...

Ixen, Copy Handler rules, it does what it's meant to do (copy, not backup) extremely well! I hope you won't get demotivated by 1 user who is clearly unable to read a manual (or a program title for that matter).

Keep up the good work ;)

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