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Setting preference for moving files on same drive

Started by chaddict, November 07, 2007, 07:34:17 PM

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first of all many thanks for this superb tool! Using ch now since over a year and I'm very satisfied.

Still I've some suggestions and wishes:

1. Prefer MOVE (on same drive) before COPY (any destination). Let me explain: starting a copy task - during copying move a file on same drive, this could/should be done at once, because there is no really copy needed, so this task should be prefered in queue and it would be great when this behaviour could be configurable. This should work in standard mode, means 'Limit max. op. run simultaneously = 1'. Like the standard behavior in explorer. Means MOVE is prefered in the queue and done simultan. Thank you.
nb: I know, can select in the mini status window the next queue and override the not simultan copy/move and start e.g. a move with the play button, then it works, but automatic would be most comfortable..

2. Fail-safe copy. Copying large amounts of data e.g. a backup to external disk can cause problems reading files. File locked or not readable, may be invalid chars in path or name. On very large files, I still using standard explorer copy, because ch has some problems with very long filenames and/or path. May be also very rare (invalid?) chars in filenames. Explorer does the work in most cases.

That's all for now. I looked at the source and gave it up soon, to many files to less vc6++ knowledge for my part..

Thank you for the good work!

regards, Rudi


Ad. 1. Yes, it would be nice to have it do it automatically. However there is a problem with detecting if the operation could be performed with a single, fast move or not BEFORE doing the task itself. Detecting by drive letter won't do any good - there is a possibility that someone mounted another volume inside some folder on a source disk and the detection won't work. However if I find the solution for this problem somewhen - I'll try to integrate it to CH.

Ad. 2. I am aware of some limitations - and I am trying my best to find time to write CH some more...

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