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Some potential improvements...

Started by KevinW, June 25, 2008, 03:56:59 PM

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I've been playing with the 1.30 Final version and wondered if it would be possible to:

1) Have an option to sort the files lexicographically before copying e.g. foo.0001.exr followed by foo.0002.exr .... etc. currently its kind of random which files get copied.

2) Have an option to parallel copy of a set of files i.e. either copy each file using 'n' threads at different file offsets (useful for high speed networks), or copy 'n' files from a given selection at once.

3) Does the application support preallocated files on the destination side - useful to reduce file fragmentation, this allows for two things; not fragmenting files when copying them from network sources, unfragmenting files that are copied.

Options 1 and 3 combined would ideally leave the files on disk so that they can be read in sequence as fast as possible.

I should point out that on a 100base network link I was able to improve over XP's copy speed from 8 to 9MB/s, using teracopy I can get 11MB/s for the same task so there is some room to improve but better than default is always nice, we're going to run some more tests on 1Gb ethernet later, but I must say I really like the UI's ability to restart a previous transfer.

Thanks for the great tool


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