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Started by Ixen, April 18, 2008, 04:26:59 PM

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I was wandering how to manage translations in Copy Handler - especially at the time between releasing versions, where all of you have access to the languages released with official version of CH, but at the same time there are changes made in the original translations which are not generally visible until I release the new version.

Problem have appeared when I received second German translation update, when already have another one, done by someone else which was planned to be released with CH 1.31.

This board was created to serve the purpose of making the translations instantly available to the public, along with the ability to discuss/coordinate the translation between many translators of the same language.

Hopefully it will serve its purpose.

P.S. Please create only one topic per language file to avoid a big mess.


The new translation system is available which allows positioning of parameters passed from CH (version 1.31beta-svn152). It also should end problems related to incorrect translations which caused CH to crash sometimes.
The translators are welcome to update their translations and post them on this board.

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