Custom feature: auto start small jobs

Started by mdbbe, April 22, 2008, 12:08:30 PM

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After a lot of digging in the code, I've made my first custom feature!  ;D

It has always annoyed me that I had to 'force start' very small tasks when a large task is busy. I used to solve this by unregistering the ext while large tasks were busy.

File: ch/MainWnd.cpp
Line: 989
//auto start small jobs (smaller than 10Mb)

If you think this could be a useful feature for other people too, maybe you can make the tasks size configurable? So people can set it to 0 if they don't want this feature.


I'll check it over the weekend and probably would include it in the next version of CH with some changes (not always the size of the task is being known at this point). I wasn't including this earlier because of the core engine that needs to be changed quite much and is one of the priorities for the next couple of versions. So expect the feature to be removed for some time when rewriting engine.

P.S. please post one topic on one board. I am removing the second one related to this topic.

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