Bug in MP3 files copied from InCD DVD-RW

Started by 1xEUROPA, January 06, 2008, 01:44:10 PM

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I especially installed Copyhandler ( for copying MP3-Files from CDs because these were not fully readable after 4 years of use. This worked quite well and I could restore a lot of files back to harddisk.

But now I've done the same thing with a DVD+RW formatted with InCD4, a packet-writing software by Ahead Software (Nero) which makes it possible to use a DVD+RW like an exchangable harddisk. Everything looked like working fine too.

But when playing the recopied files Winamp 5.51 always is replaying a piece of music after it should be finished.
I assume this may happen because Copy Handler is reading and writing blocks and the block size used by InCD is bigger than normal hard disk block size?

Meanwhile I've recopied the files with the Windows XP explorer and they are okay. So it looks like there is a bug in Copy Handler. I don't know if it is specific for files read from InCD, but it looks like this effect does not happen when copying from a normal CD or harddisk.


It's a strange thing to happen because of CH. I am not aware of any problem related to the data corruption - does not matter in which program the files were written or how it's formatted. If it is accessible through standard system calls (CH uses those to access devices) then CH should copy it without a problem.
Unfortunately I don't have access to the Nero software to try to reproduce the bug (if it is one).
Is it reproducible in every case with different CD/DVD formatted with InCD ? Does explorer copy it properly every time you try it (regardless of the order in which you copy - explorer vs ch) ?

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