Moving to UNC-(Network)-Directory deletes Files (

Started by marc, March 30, 2007, 03:56:44 PM

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using copy handler I encountered a serious bug.

I moved a folder from the harddisk to a UNC-Directory (Network).
Unfortunately nothing was created in the target but the source
directory was deleted!


Began processing data (dd:mm:yyyy) 30.03.2007 at 15:04.49
Nach Datumen suchen...
Datum/Ordner hinzufügen (clipboard) : C:\Desktop\Fotos ...
Hinzugefügte Ordner C:\Desktop\Fotos
Wiederkehrender Ordner C:\Desktop\Fotos
Suche nach Datumen beendet
Checking for free space on destination disk...
Finished waiting for begin permission
Processing files/folders (ProcessFiles)
Processing files/folders (ProcessFiles):
   OnlyCreate: 0
   BufferGrösse: [Def:65536, One:65536, Two:65536, CD:65536, LAN:65536]
   Files/folders count: 12
   Copies count: 1
   Ignore Folders: 0
   Dest path: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\rootmooser\Netzwerkumgebung\SharedDocs an buero (\
   Current pass (0-based): 0
   Current index (0-based): 0
Changing buffer Grösse from [Def:65536, One:65536, Two:65536, CD:65536, LAN:65536] to
[Def:2097152, One:6291456, Two:2097152, CD:524288, LAN:524288]
wile Kopierening C:\Desktop\Fotos\P1020244.JPG ->
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\rootmooser\Netzwerkumgebung\SharedDocs an buero (\Fotos\P1020244.JPG (CustomKopierenFile)
Finished processing in ProcessFiles
Lösche Datumen (DeleteFiles)...
Datumen gelöscht.
Finished processing data (dd:mm:yyyy) 30.03.2007 at 15:04.57


This happens when using "standard" paste or "drag and drop", but not with (CH)Paste.

I now also tried the latest version
Copy a folder and "standard paste" or drag and drop it to a UNC (\\..) directory.
The target will not be created. But if you retry it even says that there
exists already this folder.

If you move the folder it will get deleted!


CH has does delete a files when it finishes copy operation. It does not check if the operation was finished successfully.
Please check if the files you moved does not happen to be available under the NetHood folder on the system partition (I can't remember the exact location).



Thank you for your advice. I could undelete my files already (They were in C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\rootmooser\Netzwerkumgebung\SharedDocs an buero (

But I think this is really a bug and should be fixed or published as warning in order no one else loses his/her files.




It is described in known bugs :)
I don't have time to play with writing Copy Handler for now (it's almost miracle I do have time to reply to posts today), but it is on my todo list for some time now.

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