Releasing handles when skipping files

Started by VenoMpie, June 17, 2010, 08:30:00 AM

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Hi There

First of all, thanks for the win7 64bit fix. Haven't used copy handler since I installed Win7 64bit but downloaded it last night hopeing for a fix and it was there.

When you skip files that gets reading errors, it keeps the handle open on the file so that you can't access the file because it is still in use and have to close copy handler to release the handle.

What happened to the feature in copy handler where it would ask you to overwrite or skip files depending on situation? e.g. When a file is the same size, same timestamp and you click skip all it will skip all the files with the same size and timestamp but will ask you again when files are same size different timestamp etc.

Can you reinsert that feature please? It's difficult to check all the sizes and timestamps when you can just say skip all same size same timestamp/different size/same size different timestamp/etc.

Thanks very much for Copy Handler ... it's the best and only copy program that I use (well ... I was stuck with Teracopy when CH didn't integrate with Win7 64x :P )


For what it's worth I'd like this skipping feature too. It would be a big time saver.


Thanks for the reminder. The options were removed quite some time ago with major refactoring of code in that area.
Similar feature request was already filed ( - I have updated it with the additional information.

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