Cancelling intercepted copy operation cleares out the clipboard

Started by kartal, June 16, 2009, 11:07:10 PM

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There are times I do not want to use CH I just want to copy and paste top another folder due to convenience since CP will ask for where to copy which might get on my nerves for simple operations. So I copy some files, CP dialog comes up. I click on cancel then when I want to paste the files in some folders, there is nothing there.It seems like CP thinks that I am not just cancelling Cp I am also cancelling copying which is a wrong assumption.

It is a great application, thanks for the hard work


The clipboard is being cleared in case of using "Clipboard monitoring" and it is a design decision. The clipboard in this case is being monitored every specified time interval and in case of detecting something in clipboard, it displays the window to select destination directory. If the clipboard was not cleared when showing the window, we won't have any possibility to detect another stuff inside.

If it is annoying - why don't you just disable clipboard monitoring and use shell extension to copy/move?


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