Source/Destination is shortened. Make status window resizable!! resize

Started by ryaske, October 30, 2008, 05:09:36 PM

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First, let me say... I LOVE COPY HANDLER!!
Thank you fro making it, and making it free and open source.

Next.. I'd like to suggest something that I cant believe no one has suggested already:

Frequently when I'm transferring files , the source and destination directories do not fit within the fields that display them!
This leads to a very annoying shorting of the urls, (i.e. all I see is C:\...\thefilename.exe isntead of the whole long directory).

Can you please, very please, make the whole status window resizable?! Then I can just drag the corner and make it larger (or maximize it), giving the field room to show the entire directory.

Making the directory fields wrap would also be a solution for very long directories. You should not be shortening these by omitting information and putting ... in its place!!

What do you guys think about this problem and my suggested solution(s)?



I don't think there is a solution for now. It would help if you put this request to feature requests tracker on so I could take care of it when I'll have some time.

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