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Started by Beeblebrox, December 16, 2006, 07:36:21 PM

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Hello and thanks for this very helpful program!

I wonder if it is possible to allow reading of the copy of the file while the copying is still in progress. I am transferring a very large video file over the network and would like to be able to play in Media Player the partially copied file on the target machine without interrupting the transfer.

Thanks again!


If you only read the file with wmp then why not  :) ? However I can't remember if the file is not being locked...hmm. Just try and you'd see. If wmp will open the file that it should not interfere with copying.


It is locked. No player can open it.


Fixed. However it'll take some time to publish it on site, since I am in the middle of making some more code changes, so please watch the page for the newest development snapshot (hopefully I'll find some time to post it this year).

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