Version 1.40 Beta-svn655 is fast. Too fast for me in some circumstances. ;)

Started by botcherO, October 05, 2015, 06:50:37 PM

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Hello Józef!
I just updated to the Version 1.40 Beta-svn655. I'm really amazed about how fast the new asynchronous copymode is. Got 140 MB/s on a not so new Backup HDD, where the old Version only got about 50 MB/s. Nice!

But with the new speed, there are new problems never to be thought of :-[ : My basic problem is, that i can't watch a movie (or play a game, etc.) and have CH copy some files in the Background from the same drive, because it leeches literally every drop of performance the drive has to offer. Is there a way to decrease or limit the max. I/O CopyHandler can use? The best way of course would be something like processor priorities but on drive level i.e. CH can use the maximum IO, but when some other program needs to read or write, CH will step back.


doesn't the priority setting work for you?
Modern OS usually use the process priority for both CPU and IO (CPU can be considered some sort of IO) so that should also work on Windows...

But I know the problem you've encountered.. stuff like this happens to me when Steam updates some games xD Literally impossible do use the PC while that happens.. (even stopping that update takes quite a while as all/most windows act slowly as well. Though, watching TV and playing things in MPC HC usually works... as long as you don't try to pause/resume or seek)
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For now you can try lowering the QueueDepth configuration option (please check the configuration dialog in the Buffering section). When set to 1, it should behave the same way as in CH 1.32 and earlier.

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