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CH 1.3 very slow

Started by larsm, April 17, 2008, 09:43:01 PM

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I use the copyhandler a long time and I am very excited.

But the new 1.3 version is much slower than the old 1.28. On my Raid I could copy with up to 300mb/sek with the old version. Cache size nearly doesn't matter. CH 1.3 is very slow with only 10-50mb/sek. The smaller cache, the faster. I always use a lage cache (20mb) to prevent fragmentation.

The new version is unusable slow. What am I doing wrong? I have Windows XP SP2 32bit. I already reinstalled it and tested it without any other software. The same result...



Did you ever get back to CH 1.28 after checking that 1.30 is slow?
Do you changed any computer equipment, software configuration, ... along with changing CH version?

I don' really see any reason that CH 1.30 should be as much slower as you describe. One major thing that could affect speed is unicode support, however it should not decrease speed 10 times.
What I can recommend:
1. Go back o 1.28 and check if the transfer is still around 300MB/s,
2. Send me the log file and the task files related to the slow task (on mail),
3. Check the CPU load when transferring the data.

Maybe it will clear something up.



There are no: antivirus, virus, changes in soft- or hardware, background activity like defrag or backup, ntfslastaccessupdate, System Restore.
I repeated every test 5 times to get better values. I copyed a 2 gb file. All drives are nerly empty, there was not much fragmentation. The maximum i got was 5 fragments/gb with 1 mb cache. 30 mb cache didn't produce any fragments. where can i find ch log files?

Drive 1:

Drive 2:


Thank you for the informations. It seems that CH 1.30 increased processor usage significantly, although it should not change so much. I'll think about it over the weekend.
As for log file - it is available with the task files (.atd and .atp) - their location is defined in ch configuration.

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